Monday, August 8, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles......

Well, our first big road trip back to the US begins in 48 hours. We begin this 5-week adventure with a plane ride to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We will then drive to Chickfila before driving on to my parents house in Tampa, FL. While on this journey, we plan to drive to or through - Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and back to Florida. That's a LOT of driving!! Along the way, we will spend some time at the lake, in the mountains, in the US Capitol and at the beach! Of course, the best part is we get to do all these fun things with our family and friends. CAN'T WAIT!!

PACKING - What a nightmare! How do you pack for a 5 week trip? I don't know - I have never been on a five week trip! I was a bit overwhelmed by the prospect. It turns out - it wasn't too bad!! Everyone gets a suitcase with 7+ days of clothes. Plus, we have one bag with toiletries, gifts, coffee and miscellaneous items. I am worried about the return trip though - my shopping list keeps growing and growing. YIKES!

Do we have all the cords and chargers for our gadgets??

How is all this going in that one small bag??

We are looking forward to this trip and will try to post pictures and snippets of fun adventures. Please pray for safety, health, endurance, rest and energy. Hope to see many of you very soon!!

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