Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lazy lake days...

Oh my soul .... how we love the lake!

Love Lake Allatoona!

Learning to ride a paddle board!

Years ago Lee's mom wanted to buy a mountain house. We talked, we looked, we talked some more. While a mountain house would be wonderful, it was a huge commitment of time and resources. We wanted something fun and recreational for our whole family, but we also wanted flexibility and freedom. We decided to buy a pontoon boat. I loved this idea; having grown up in Florida, we always had a boat when I was young. We spent weekends on the water - skiing, snorkeling and swimming. Some of my greatest memories from childhood are centered around boating and the water. What a treat to do the same thing with our kids.

AK helping daddy drive!

Parker was about 5 and Anna Kate 3, when we started boating on Lake Allatoona. Every summer, we spent the weekends on the lake - swimming, sunning, tubing. We love finding quiet coves for a picnic lunch and afternoon swimming. My favorite time of day on the lake is just before sunset - the watercolor sky, the warm late-day sun, the calm and quiet of evening's approach. It is PEACE.


We planned a few days of relaxing vacation at the beginning and end of this five week road trip. We began with a few days at Lake Allatoona with Mimi. We rented a great cabin at our favorite state park - Red Top Mountain. Our wonderful and generous friends, loaned us a pontoon boat (along with all the trimmings- tube, knee board, noodle floats etc.)  The weather was August perfection - sunny, warm and glorious. What a dream to be on our favorite lake doing all our favorite things - picnicking, swimming, tubing, stopping at the lake gas station for ice cream! Heaven!!

The kids especially enjoyed learning how to ride the knee board. Parker even learned how to spin around in a 360 circle. The also LOVED the paddle board. They are trying to figure out how to get one on the airplane.

Crazy for tubing!

Get a grip.


Did I mention food yet? We had some amazing food. Our dear friends who live at the lake, had us over for dinner. She served Low Country Boil. Did you hear me? Low Country Boil people! What's not to love about Shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. Thank you Mrs. Fortney! You are the BEST!! Another night we had crab cakes and shrimp pasta - and lots of SWEET TEA! Oh my soul .... I've died and gone to heaven with all the wonderful food! I'm going to have to start the parasite diet as soon as I land in Guatemala.

The Lord is so kind to us. We could not have asked for a more relaxing start to our trip home.

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