Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peaches are home....

We spent our first couple of days in Florida with my family. We pretty much did nothing but eat at Chickfila and drink coffee at Starbucks!! We did get to meet the newest member of the family - Popcorn - my mom's miniature schnauzer. What a cutie!

We also had the great adventure of visiting the Florida DMV and the Social Security office. It was a cultural experience - of the red-neck variety. I told Lee that it must be a universal experience - anyone who has to deal with a government agency, be it in the USA or Guatemala or Timbuktu, you must make more than one trip to more than one government agency with about forty kinds of documentation! Talk about exasperating! Alas, I am happy to to say - we are now residents of the great state of Florida. You may wonder why it matters - but come April 15th next year - we will be very happy to not file the GA State Income tax return.

Yesterday, we made the drive to our beloved Georgia and what a feeling. It was so great to see all the familiar sights. The peaches have returned to their home tree. We are headed to the home fountains at North Metro Church this morning and then we head to the lake for some much needed R&R. Can't wait to see all our favorite swimming holes at Lake Allatoona. We will be offline for a couple days, but I promise to post pics by the weekend.

Sorry there are no pics for this post - so far we have only taken pics at Chickfila. I know - we are so lame!

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