Thursday, July 7, 2011

Designer Duct Tape??? Really??

Last week a friend from home brought us some surprises which were sent by Mimi (P & Ak's grandmother). Mimi surprises are always a treat, but I was very confused by 4 rolls of colored duct tape. When the kids talked to Mimi via skype, she explained that there are many crafts and fun projects you can make with this ultra-cool designer duct tape. Really??

So, we did a google search for duct tape crafts and projects. I was shocked by the number of websites with instructions for just about everything made out of duct tape. My kids are thrilled by this because their number 1 favorite show of all time is the Duct Tape episode of MythBusters. Now they are armed with their own duct tape - designer duct tape too - not just plain old gray duct tape.

So the project party begins. So far, they have made birthday present for daddy - iPhone carrier for his belt - tie-dyed color duct tape. They made a cell phone carrier for my purse - lovely black and white swirly design. Then we went for a big project - Purses.

We made a really cute purse for AK's friend who has a birthday this weekend. We used purple duct tape and we weaved it with the tie-dyed duct tape. We used gray duct tape for the edges and strap. It's quite the handy thing for rainy season, since the duct tape is water-proof. We can't wait to see Emily's face when she opens her stylish new purse.

Of course, we also made a new little purse for AK. Her's is black and white swirl duct tape, woven with neon green and a touch of gray.

All this time, I am wondering, "What will they think of next?" Who knows! But we have had a fun, crafty week coming up with clever uses for our designer duct tape. If you have any ideas for us, let me know...

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