Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Long Drop....

Well, my friends, it finally happened. I have finally fallen off the 1st world map and experienced the long drop to 3rd world reality today. Some of you are wondering what the "long drop" is and others are wishing you didn't know what it is.... the long drop is also known as a privy or an outhouse. It's an outdoor venue for business I would rather conduct indoors....with a real door for privacy....running water....TP and any other civilized conveniences that I feel suit the situation. So, you might be wondering what was the occasion for such an adventure....well, I went to church....that's right - church.

This morning, we joined several friends at the new home of Mike & Adele. Did I mention that their home is still under construction? They have been building their home for about 8-9 years here in Panajachel. They believe in paying as you go, so they have been working on it for quite a while. They have walls and two roofs (the last one pending), but there are no windows, flooring, kitchen or bathrooms. Mike & Adele like to camp up there sometimes and they literally, set up tents inside the house. They have tucked this new home right into the hillside which overlooks the river, Pana and the lake. It's an amazing place. Recently, Mike built a "long drop" - which is exactly what it's name indicates - a deep hole and a toilet seat, black plastic sheeting for privacy and the wild outdoors.

Sitting in the future living room, singing and worshipping.

We met at the Robert's home for church. We decided to meet there because, we wanted to have a picnic after church and this is really a lovely location for a picnic. Adele has a beautiful voice and a more beautiful heart as she plays her guitar and we sing worship to the Lord. Then we set up a laptop on a chair and watched a downloaded sermon. After hearing the Word, we had "lunch on the grounds" in the the open/indoor/outdoor kitchen. This is such a sweet time of worship and fellowship. It's very simple, not fussy, not professional but it is genuine and sincere worship of the King.

Lungi playing the ukulele, Kasia, Anna Kate & Parker.

Sometimes I look at the life we have here and I think, wow it's a long drop from where I used to be. I used to have a big, beautiful house, with three and half bathrooms (all with doors and running water). I used to go to a really beautiful church, with tons of bathrooms (doors and water included). It was a beautiful life and I loved it.

The funny thing is...I don't really miss it. Sure, sometimes I miss our home and our church, mostly I miss the people not the places. Many people would say, I have made a long drop on the social and economic ladder, but I don't see it as a "drop" as much as a change in latitude. (and attitude....sounds familiar...might be time to dig up some JB tunes)

So what's my point? Why do I go on so...I am learning that a life yielded is a life worth living. Submitting to the Lord's call on our life has brought new friends, new homes, new foods, new language and new ways of life. I wouldn't trade this adventure for life back in the 1st world....even it means a few long drops along the way.

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