Friday, May 7, 2010

Gettin' Ready

Well friends – we have joined the world of bloggers. My first questions - is there a special school for the technologically challenged? I am the last person who should be blogging. It is ridiculous how inept I am at all things techy!! Anyway……

We have created this to keep our friends and family updated on our journey to Guatemala. We will be joining Eagle’s Nest International in Solola, Guatemala. We will be giving leadership to the Children’s Home, the private school and administrative duties of the ministry. We are humbled and honored to be serving the people of Guatemala. It is our hearts desire to bring glory to God as we serve the least and the last.

The last four months have been a whirlwind! I cannot think of a time in our lives when we have had so many major life events occurring in such a short period of time. Here are the highlights – Our house sold in 17 days, we trained and led 18 AWESOME college students on a short term trip to Guate, we stayed for an extra week to investigate language schools and housing in Guate, we sold most everything we own and moved out of our house. CRAZY times!

So – where are we now? We are currently living in the beautiful home of our dear friends, the Brown’s (they moved to DC). Our junk is in a 10 X 20 storage unit waiting shipping to Guate. We are getting ready to leave. We have a few loose ends to wrap up. Lee will be finishing up his job at North Metro Church in June. I am finishing up our school year with Parker & Anna Kate. We plan to visit family and friends in July and leave in early August.

When we felt God calling us to this adventure last year (Sept/Oct), we really had to put it all on Him. We thought – “Really Lord? You want us to sell our house and raise support right now? In this market? Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Okay – we will be obedient, but you have to make the way straight.” He showed up and made it happen. When we land on the ground in Guate, it will be less than 12 months since this whole thing got started. His blessing is more than we deserve.

We will keep you posted on our big adventure!

In Christ alone,

Angel et al

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  1. Your obedience to the Lords calling is inspiring. We are so excite for the journey you have ahead of you. We will following you blog. ~Katie~