Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still growing us ...

A few days ago I wrote about some of the amazing things God has done over the past year. Well what about the future? Remember when I said God can do crazy, amazing, incredible things ... and He’s not done doing them at Redeemer’s House? 

God continues to grow and expand our circle of influence. In January, we have the privilege of welcoming Todd and Maureen Erickson and their children, Katey, Clay and Emily to the staff of RHI. 

Katey, Emily, Todd, Clay, and Maureen (and Nina)

For the last two years the Erickson’s have been working in a village outside of Antigua. Their ministry has included a VBS style after school program, tutoring program for students, food deliveries to impoverished families, and intentional disciple making. We are thrilled to have them join us as we serve the least and the last in Guatemala.

They will continue to serve in the Antigua area, thus beginning a new service location for Redeemer’s House. We are humbled by God’s grace and mercy. He continues to lead, we continue to be a conduit through which He makes himself known to the nations.

Welcome Erickson family! Hold on, it’s a wild ride!

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