Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be the ECHO!!

“Make God’s glory resound; ECHO his praises from coast to coast!” Isaiah 42:12
ECHO is a college/young adult worship service at our home church, North Metro Church. They sent 12 students to serve in Guatemala during their Spring Break. This verse from Isaiah is central to how they are serving this week. They are the echo of God’s glory resounding in the lives and hearts of children and families in Guatemala.
We have had some amazing moments this week, I have trouble picking just a few. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Playing in the warm afternoon sunshine!
On Sunday afternoon, we prayer walked through Panajachel. (That just means that we walked along the river wall and prayed as we saw the community that risks house and home by living in the riverbed.) As we walked, we encountered one of the families whom we serve. They invited all of us into their home. They have a one room home and all 18 of us found places to sit in the 10 X 12 room. They graciously served us Coca-Cola. The mom, Maria has had some serious health issues the last few weeks. She is greatly discouraged by the lack of improvement, in spite of the expensive medicines she is taking. We prayed for her and her family - out loud at the same time in many languages. It was so sweet to see these students fervently petitioning the Lord for healing and restoration for this precious family. It was even sweeter to see the encouragement in the eyes of this family.

Praying and walking through Pana.

Later that evening, we invited several Guatemalan families to join us for a cookout. We had a great turnout - about 40 people. The girls brought out nail polish, the boys brought out soccer balls, Rich cooked hotdogs on the grill - What a blast! I loved watching everyone playing, talking, eating together. Regardless of language barriers - there is something powerful in fellowship and breaking of bread. I think our Guatemalan friends felt valued and loved. I think our college students felt humbled and grateful - grateful for the privilege of loving and serving.

Playing ball with Tomas!

Girlie girls with pretty nails!!

The main project for the week was building a house for Rosa and her boys. The students worked so hard in the strong Guatemalan sun. They carried bricks, sand, wood, shoveled dirt and rocks, swung sledgehammers, dug holes and poured concrete. It was exhausting, back-breaking work. They did it with joy in their hearts for the glory of the King. 

Moved a lot of dirt this week.

Lexie and Lynsey - super dirty!

At the end of the week, Rosa and her sweet mama, Margarita wanted to give back to this group that traveled hundreds of miles to offer their time and talents. They prepared a classic Guatemala dish called Pepian. It contained chicken, vegetables and rice - smothered in a delicious Pepian sauce. It was such a generous gift from a family that gives so much already. We were humbled and honored to sit at their table and be served.

Lunch at Rosa's house. Pepian is delicious!

With Rosa and Margarita after a delicious lunch!!
I loved this group’s heart of service and their desire to ECHO the praises of God from coast to coast. I want to be the ECHO of God. How about you?

PS - I didn't take any of these photos. I totally pirated them from everyone's Facebook page. Gracias!!

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