Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gloria a Dios!

Glory to God! He is mighty to save!
This weekend we had the privilege of going to the Ground-breaking ceremony of a new home for our sweet Rosa. 

When we first moved to Pana, we were sub-leasing our current house. As a part of the contract, the previous renters asked us to continue employing Rosa, the housekeeper. Let me tell you - it was a hard sell. They had to really twist my arm. Like I need someone to wash laundry, do dishes, dust, sweep and mop the floors three days a week?? My oh my, if the Lord ever calls us back to the States, he better call Rosa to come with us!!! We can't live without her now. 
Rosa is a single mom of two boys. She and her boys live in one house with her parents and five siblings. This is a precious family. Rosa’s parents made some hard choices when their kids were growing up. Instead of investing in land or a well-built house - they invested in their kids. They chose to send all their children to school - all the way through highschool. It’s very expensive to send kids to school. Many kids only get through elementary school. Some families choose to send one child to middle and high school, but very few can help all seven of their children get all the way through!

While the kids were all getting an education, they lived here. This is the original house where 11 people lived. It is only about 7 x 10 feet. Whoa, that's an itty bitty space for so many bodies. 

Over the years, they added two rooms using wooden slats and lamina (corrugated metal).

Here is what makes this family so special. Since they have more education and several of them speak English, they could probably find good paying jobs in a bank or hotel or some tourism related business. BUT, they prefer to give back to their community. They want to serve Guatemalans and help others living in desperate poverty. They desire to please the Lord and make the name of Jesus famous here in their hometown.
Their two oldest sons work for local ministries that help build houses and feed the poorest of the poor. Redeemer's House employs Angel (standing behind Parker) and Luis (squatting in front) works for another ministry, Solomon’s Porch. This family has given back so much to those around them, yet they live in a home that frequently floods during the rainy season.

The whole family with RHI and SP staff.
We have the privilege of partnering with Solomon’s Porch to build two houses - one for Rosa and her boys and another for the rest of the family. As we stood at the ground-breaking and prayed over their new homes, I was so moved by the sounds of 20 people praying in three languages. I could feel the breeze blowing around us and I knew the Spirit of the Lord was in that place. He was pleased by the prayers of his people. He delights in providing for his children and they are delighted to receive his blessing. 

Our family with Rosa, Eric & Justin.

We are honored to be a vessel through which the Lord can bless his children. Gloria a Dios!


  1. Love it! What a great read just before I head to bed.

  2. Phenomenal. Can't wait to be a part of this in March!