Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Las Ventanas ... windows

What an amazing week this has been. It began with a campo por el lago, (or a picnic by the lake). After church on Sunday, we joined our friends at the lakeshore for a lovely afternoon of talking in three languages (English, Spanish, and Spanglish,) singing, eating, playing soccer, and of course COFFEE!

Adele and Irma - singing and playing guitar.

Our church and Casimero's family. 

 We invited Casimero and Maria's family to meet us at the lake. They packed a picnic (which she carried on her head) and joined in the festivities. I think it was a nice respite for them to enjoy food, friends and fellowship. It's funny how that transcends all languages and cultures. We all love to break bread and commune with one another. On Monday, Lee went to visit Casimero to talk about how Redeemer's House might be able to serve their needs. We know they need help buying food, but we may also be able to help them make some improvements to their house for increased safety and security. They don't feel comfortable straying too far from home, because their belongings are not secure without a door and windows. Last week they were able to buy some wood and build a door, but they still had chicken wire for windows. Lee went with Casimero to the carpenter shop and bought more wood, a couple of hinges and slide locks. By that evening, they had two new windows installed. It's amazing that freedom can come from a couple planks of wood, a few nails and a lock. Now, they can sleep in peace, knowing their family and home are safe and secure.

Two new window/shutters with a view of the river beyond.

Some may wonder why we would try to improve such a humble abode. Some may say it's not worth fixing - build something new. All I can say is - it's complicated. We want to help people without doing more damage. We have to help people think beyond right now. What are the unintended consequences of the help we might offer. If we build something bigger or better, they might not be able to afford the rent or maintenance of it. We also want to be careful that we do not pass on a North American tendency for discontentment or dissatisfaction in what the Lord has provided. Casimero and Maria are not asking for a new home. They are very content with what the Lord has provided. They are rejoicing that their family is together and healthy. They are teaching me so much more than I could ever imagine teaching or helping them.

A new door!

The walls are covered with pieces of T-shirt fabric. 
These pockets make clever places for storing toothbrushes and more. 

 Thank you to our many supporters that make it possible for us to be here and make it possible to build windows for Casimero's family. Dios Bendiga!

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