Monday, September 12, 2011

Lazy days of summer.....

I cannot believe our five weeks in the US is almost over. It’s been a crazy pace. We have driven nearly 3,500 miles, which makes for approximately 50+ hours in the car. We drove from FL to GA to NC to VA to PA to SC to GA to FL. We decided to spend our last few days relaxing at the beach.

Anna Maria Island at Sunset

The other night, we took the kids to see a turtle release at sunset. The turtle patrol recovered eggs from a nest that was disturbed during a recent storm. After they hatched, they release the baby turtled on the beach where they were laid. We watched twelve tiny loggerheads crawl down to the water and swim out to sea. Very cool.
So adorable!!

Saturday, we rented a paddle board. The water was a bit rough due to some approaching storms, but Parker and Lee and Big Daddy (my father) had a blast riding the waves. The girls spent most of their time playing in the sand a looking for shells. On Sunday, the weather was  perfect and everyone enjoyed paddling around the calm waters. I overheard Parker saying, "Hop on ladies, I'll paddle us out to sea." The "ladies" he was referring to were his 9 year old sister and his 7 year old cousin. What a little gentleman. He says he might be ready for Venice, but unfortunately he only knows Spanish, not Italian.

Anna Kate, Olivia & Lauren

Parker & Big Daddy - riding the waves

Lee & Parker

Crashing in the waves

There’s nothing better than toes in the sand, book in the hand and surf crashing on the shore. Love our days at the beach.

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