Tuesday, June 21, 2011

His presence in our life...

Anytime God asks you to follow him, there will be mountains to climb and valleys to forge. It's part of the walk of faith. Because we live in a fallen world, we will suffer in this life. Last week, I wrote that we have experienced some challenges and bumps on this wild journey with the Lord.  I want you to see, as I have seen, how He provides and cares for us in the midst of the storm.

I have been hosting a women's Bible study in our home for several months. Currently, we are doing Beth Moore's study of "A Woman's Heart; God's Dwelling Place." This is an in depth study of the Tabernacle. When God put Adam & Eve in the garden, he dwelt among them. They walked in his presence daily. After sin entered, God's physical presence was no longer available to man; until he instructed the Israelites to build the Tabernacle. He wanted to dwell among his people. They built a very specific structure where they could enter into his presence on a daily basis. God is always in pursuit of his children. He wants to be present in our life - everyday.

As I considered this thought, I looked back over the last few months - looking for his presence, his provision and protection in our life. I was amazed. We had two or three visitors from home in our first 8 months of living in Guatemala. In the last two and half months, we have had more than 8 different families or groups from home visit and serve with us here. God knew that we needed encouragement, love, support, friendship, family, and wisdom in our life over the last few months. He sent a flurry of people who love and support us. The Lord was with us in a hundred little ways throughout this time - during prayer, studying the Word, teaching etc. Yet he also chose to send his physical hands and feet to bless and encourage us. Those of you who have visited us in the last couple months have been like Aaron and Hur, upholding our arms during the battle, lest we grow too weary and lose the fight.

Here are just a few pictures of God sending his presence among us.

Mom and I painting nails and braiding hair.

Our kids and the Alexander girls teaching Bible verses at Manna.

Cat Marlow, Anna Kate, Me & Jeanine Marlow
sightseeing in Antigua. So fun!

Jake, Parker and Dorian - goofing off!

Lee Bob and Bubba Mike in the coffee shop.

NMC Sublime girls - painting....kinda!

Nothing like good friends!!
AK and Emma - NMC Echo team!

Thank you to all the families and groups for being the hands and feet of Jesus - the physical presence of God - in our lives over the last few weeks.


  1. LOVE THIS ONE....and all the other also

  2. Great Post! We miss you guys!!!