Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feathers from my nest....

Hallelujah and Praise the Lord - after 12 weeks - our boxes finally showed up this week. 

It seems fitting that our boxes arrived this week. I reminded Lee that it was one year ago this week that we began the process of packing these boxes and moving out of our beautiful home on Amberton Lane. It was a complicated move. As I look back, I think we culled through our belongings on at least 5 or 6 different occasions. And we still shipped 42 boxes!! All I can say is we were excellent consumers. 

As I opened some of the boxes, it was like greeting old friends. As I opened others, I asked myself, "what was I thinking?" Lee kept saying, "I'm really glad we payed a small fortune to ship that down here. Of course we can't live without this!"

When I saw the boxes, I was amazed we had anything but shrapnel left. These boxes looked as if someone kicked the boxes from Atlanta to Guatemala. The boxes were absolutely pulverized. Take a look...

Not sure what Homeland Security was looking for....but I think they used a baseball bat to look for it!

This is the portrait box....nothing broken! Unbelievable!

It turns out that we lost seven salad plates (my favorite!) and my Kitchen Aid mixer (a wedding gift...sniff). We had some other minor bumps and dings, but for the most part, it all arrived safely. 

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have some of my own stuff around me again. Before I left home, I selected my favorite feathers from our nest in Atlanta. I know it's just stuff, but most of it means something to me. The look and feel of our house has always been important to me. It's part of what creates that indescribable, indefinable feeling of "HOME." Now, I can finally build a nest here that is ours. It has been so fun to feather our nest this week. Here are some of my favorite things....

Books, books and more books....


My red dishes...the flower plates are the ones that broke.

New bedding...

Our home here in Pana is truly a beautiful home. But every wall is painted white, with maple colored wood and tan furniture, it can be a little blah. My house in Atlanta did not have a single white wall anywhere, and all the furniture was rich dark woods. We have tons of windows in this house, which brings the lovely green gardens inside. Our neighborhood is like a tropical paradise. Yet - I have missed my reds and golds and browns. I miss the warm and rich tones of home. So -  every time I walk in my room and see this beautiful red bed, my heart just smiles. It doesn't feel like someone else's house anymore, it's beginning to feel like my home.

So after moving four times, three different cities in two countries in one calendar year - it's good to be home!


  1. Oh my sweet friend! How wonderful to see your "things about you." I know you must feel such a sweet peace. It already looks beautiful. And everything looks better with a little RED in it - I mean come on now!
    I love and miss you so much. You have left such a hole here, but we rejoice with you over every little (and big) milestone.

    Love you my sweet friend!

  2. Angel, thank you for such a lovely note about your move and feathering your nest...I read it aloud to Stephen, and we were blessed. Have a blessed Sunday!