Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adventures of Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley goes to Guatemala - by Parker & Anna Kate

Who is Flat Stanley you may be wondering....well, Flat is the main character in a very popular series of children's chapter books. Flat can travel the world easily because he simply mails himself everywhere. Anna Kate has been enjoying this fun collection of books. A young friend from Marietta named Kelly is also reading through the book with her class. Her dad asked if they could send Flat to us and we could show him around Guatemala. Well, he arrived by First Class Priority Mail last week. The following is a brief history of Flat's adventures in Guatemala with the Radford family.

This is a picture of Flat Stanley watching passion 2011 live in our kitchen. We loved singing along with Chris Tomlin.

Our family took a quick trip to Panajachel on the shore of Lake Atitlan. We were lounging by the lake. We had a lovely view of the lake and a volcano. We watched boats traveling across the lake.

This is a picture of Flat Stanley in some flowers at Los Buenas Nuevas (The Good News) on our one week vacation from language school. Guatemala has many tropical plants.

While we were in Panajachel, we climbed trees. This is a limon (lime) tree. We also saw orange trees, mango trees, avocado trees and banana trees. We watched some pretty orange and black birds catching breakfast in these trees.

This is Flat, Anna Kate and me (Parker) on a wall on lake Atitlan. This is a view of Vulcan Toliman. There are many small villages all around the edge of the lake.

While we were sitting by the lake, Flat decided to climb the volcano. Don't worry, this is an inactive volcano. (Picture by Parker)   

We walked up the main street of Panajachel called Calle Santander. Many locals come to the market area and sell their goods. We saw colorful fabrics, jewelry and souvenirs.

This is Flat wearing my bracelet that we bought from the vender. Flat loved all the colorful bracelets and fabrics.

While we were wondering around Pana, we stopped at Crossroads cafe for a cup of hot chocolate and some coffee. Mr. Mike was very happy to see Flat Stanley in his shop. Mr. Mike made a smiley face from foamy milk in my hot chocolate. The coffee and hot chocolate are really yummy!!

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