Monday, August 16, 2010

Exploring Antigua

Over the weekend, we decided to do some exploring. We took the camera and walked in the eastern district of Anitgua. We had never walked this area before. We told the kids to snap pictures of anything they thought was interesting. We let them each pick their favorite photo and write a short blog about it. (Of course, this is a homeschool assignment - have to take advantage of the something different for a writing exercise.) We decided to do this every weekend while we are in Antigua. At the end of our time here, we might make a coffee table photo book or something with all the beautiful shots and blog entries. Here is what we found this weekend.....

(Anna Kate)
One day we went for a walk and took a bunch of pictures. My favorite was the one of a water cannon on ruins. This building was built in 1694.  We could see a pretty garden through the gate.   The water cannon was actually a rainspout. It looked like an animal.  There was a plant growing on the waterspout. It looked cool.
The entrance gate of this ruin was built in 1694

The garden courtyard inside

Water cannon (rainspout) and plant

One day dad and I walked to Cerro de la Cruz or Hill of the Cross in English. It wouldn't have been nearly as fun without my dad. We got to take some cool pictures you can look at. It was a really long walk, if I hadn't brought my Camelbak water bottle, I probably would have melted into a puddle. We got to the top to be greeted by a great view of the entire city and ....bugs. From up there we saw a bunch of red roofs, about 4 ruins and a dome that looked like a space observatory. We could almost see our apartment complex but some trees were in the way. The girls stayed home - I don't know what they did. We had the best dinner called Fiesta Casserole or Dirty Rice whatever you prefer to call it. It was a fun day.
View of Cerro de la Cruz from Antigua

Dome of a cathedral

The Cross on the hill is a great point of reference - due North from anywhere in Antigua.

Hope you enjoy these views and thoughts on exploring Antigua.

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  1. wow! incredible pictures. Antigua is so gorgeous. How amazing. Miss you guys.